A downloadable Co-Op Puzzle Game for Windows

Blackout is a Two-Player Co-Op game where players take the role of an arctic researcher trying to restore power to the Fawl-T Research Station. Both players must work together to navigate around the base and activate machines by connecting them to a handheld generator. Will you be able to fix the issues, or will the base be stuck without power? It’s up to you to decide.


-Online Multiplayer with a Server Browser (Requires Steam installed to work)

-Multiple levels of puzzles

-Controller and Keyboard Support

-Original Music Score

-Graphical Options

About Man-Down Studio:

Man-Down Studio is a group of students from Champlain College.
This game was originally created for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2020, but it was sadly canceled due to the COVID19 Outbreak.  We are proud of the game we created, and we have released the results here.



Blackout Game 238 MB

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